At CROSSOVER Athletics, we help people achieve their God-given athletic ability. We do this by teaching five core areas Honor, Integrity, Character, Teamwork, Faith.

Crossover Flag Football

2015 Spring Flag Football Season
Five age divisions: 1st grade - Adult
Scrimmage Week: March 14
Location: Ball Park Rd Football Field
Cost: $65/person (1-8 grade)
$275/team (HS & Adult)
Crossover Playbook

Crossover Endurance Sports

Run Hard Boys Running Club
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Run Hard is an 8-week after school running program that will prepare students for a 5K race. We utilize character-based concepts to teach running, healthy lifestyle and decision-making skills. Designed for Elementary and Middle School students, Run Hard encourages teamwork throughout lessons and workouts.

Regardless of your athletic background or current fitness level, Run Hard will help students live out our motto: “build up, don’t tear down.”


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